Keep it Simple



Two signs that a decorator has been at work: overblown window treatments and too much matchy-matchy fabrics.  The beauty of this space lies in its simplicity.  This is an apartment in a 1920’s West Hollywood building.  The building itself boasts beautiful architectural detail and a long list of celebrity residents that this young actress client found inspiring.  We sought to bring some of that early Hollywood glamour into her private space.  This little nook of space has large windows and a high ceiling trimmed with ornate crown molding from the building’s original construction.  We installed a single balloon shade of shabby, thread-bare silk trimmed with a heavy bullion fringe.  Its airy volume is reminiscent of a ball gown and the swagged chandelier made of punched rusted iron and delicate crystal drops is like an heirloom necklace.  So as not to detract from the effect they created together, we left the other windows undressed. Three moss-tone velvet chairs surround a zinc-plated little cocktail table topped with crystal candlestick holders.  The nook itself is framed with sheer linen panels that we’ve tied back with heavy fringe tie-backs.  That’s it – the space is perfectly balanced.  It’s drama comes from the recognition that beautiful design elements can whisper instead of shout.